Where is the art world? Cultural mapping at the Institute for American Art

participant map: artworld 2. participant map: artworld 2.

by Chris Stiegler

These maps were produced at a public meeting held at the Institute for American Art in Portland, Maine. The project, here in its first stages, asked the creative public of this city to answer several questions about the shape of their art world. The maps shown here were on the inverse of these questionnaires, but represent the same general research theme. As you can see from these maps, the ways in which from our participants identified their art worlds were individuated but representative of a specific cultural understanding. We all found an art world in Portland; it was comprised of differing locales and areas.

These questions were extended to a slideshow presentation on how to build/structure an art world. This was manifested in a short presentation in Portland, Maine; but was also organized as a published piece for Phonebook 4, released this year by Threewalls in Chicago.

participant map: artworld 1.
Participant Map: Art World 1.
participant map: artworld 3.
Participant Map: Art World 3.
participant map: artworld 4.
Participant Map: Art World 4.
participant map: artworld 5.
Participant Map: Art World 5.
participant map: artworld 6.
Participant Map: Art World 6.
participant map: artworld 7.
Participant Map: Art World 7.
participant map: artworld 8.
Participant Map: Art World 8.
participant map: artworld 9.
Participant Map: Art World 9.
participant map: artworld 10.
Participant Map: Art World 10.
participant map: artworld 11.
Participant Map: Art World 11.
participant map: artworld 12.
Participant Map: Art World 12.

Christopher Stiegler

Christopher Stiegler

Chris Stiegler is a professor and curator of contemporary art based in Portland, Maine. Currently he runs the Institute for American Art with John Sundling, his husband and collaborator. The project, situated in their apartment, showcases the work of a single artist per show as a way to engage the viewer differently. Founded in 2012, the Institute has shown the work of artists, curators, cultural producers, and publishers. In the coming years we hope to expand our geographic reach while maintaining our domestic operation.

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