"DISPLAY CASE: new works by Jimmy Viera”

DISPLAY CASE: new works by Jimmy Viera

BUOY is proud to present DISPLAY CASE: New Works by Jimmy Viera. This exhibition presents new works by the Portland-based painter. We are excited. Jimmy constructs pleasure, building compositions in pictorial realms that roll between flat and perceived infinity. Jimmy is a mark collector. Within these shifting pictorial dimensions his gestural marks are frozen, they are both structure and ornament.

In Jimmy’s words, “The paintings serve as faux spaces in which gestures and shapes sit on the panels the way ephemera, imbued with fond memories, sit in people’s homes. Looking through my sketchbooks for the right gestures, I act as a collector adding items to shelf. Both the collector and I layer items from different times and places. By taking a wobbly line I made today and placing it in a painting with a cylindrical shape I made three months ago, I am able to collage my gestures into a piece with more history than if I had been just painting intuitively.”


November 10, 2017 through January 20, 2018

2 Government Street, Kittery, Maine | 207-450-2402
Open Hours: call or email for hours