"Circle Time: Children and Their Artists”

Circle Time: Children and Their Artists

Who among us hasn’t been charmed and inspired by–and slightly jealous of–the artwork children make? That children make transcendent visual art is a deservedly well-known fact, historically appreciated by artists like Karel Appel, Jean Dubuffet, and Helen Frankenthaler; an equally well-known trope is the idea that the freedom found in the work of such artists is something that could just as easily have been produced by a child.

In fact, if only we could approach the integrity of the child’s work, our own work would reach a higher level; the freedom of “childlike” artwork is, in fact, an exercise in extreme mental toughness and detachment. Our children not only impress us with their work, but they often give us a strong example to follow in terms of process, application, and subject matter.

For Able Baker’s 2018 winter show, we have invited artist-families to present work by all the creators in the household; the visual openness freedom that result from these connections provide inspiration to all visual thinkers. Please join us for an opening reception, 5-8pm, Friday January 26.

Christina Bechstein, Melu Bechstein Nenortas 
Stephen Benenson, Isla Benenson 
Meghan Brady, Gideon Bok, Helen and Ada Bok 
Dana Clancy, Barron Clancy 
Jenny Dougherty, Cal Conway 
Dana Frankfort, Ruthie Frankfort 
Vera Iliatova, George Iliatov-Taylor 
Hilary Irons, Tessa Irons 
Breehan James, Mike Barnett, Otto Barnett 
Susan Metrican, Sean Downey, Jean Metrican 
Jeanne Quinn, Elias Quinn 
Jenna Ransom, Pepper Folan 
Carrie Scanga, Frances Harrity 
Mark Wethli, Cassie Jones, Wren Wethli 
Roger White, Helena Clinton-White

image: Frances Harrity, 2017


January 26, 2018 through March 3, 2018

Able Baker Contemporary
29 Forest Avenue, Portland, Maine
Open Hours: 1:00-5:30 Thursday, Friday, and Saturday or by appointment