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Joe Mama-Nitzberg: Picture not Portrait
Grant Wahlquist Gallery | October 6, 2017 through November 11, 2017

“Picture not Portrait” is an exhibition of works in a variety of media by Catskill, NY-based artist Joe Mama-Nitzberg that engage with technology, personal and cultural memory, identity, and the legacy of postmodernism.



Community Event, Music

Dan Deacon with Friend Roulette
SPACE Gallery | November 12, 2017 through November 12, 2017

The guru of post-modern pop returns to SPACE!



Community Event, Film Screening

The Work
SPACE Gallery | November 16, 2017 through November 16, 2017

Set inside Folsom Prison, follow three men from the outside during four days of intesive group therapy with a rare and powerful look into rehabilitation.



Community Event, Discussion/Talk, Literary Event, Reading

Janice N. Harrington – Poetry + Conversation
SPACE Gallery | November 17, 2017 through November 17, 2017

Award-winning poet Janice N. Harrington joins us for a poetry reading and on-stage conversation with MWPA co-founder Lee Sharkey.



Community Event, Music

Gaelynn Lea with Tom Kovacevic
SPACE Gallery | November 18, 2017 through November 18, 2017

Classically-trained violinist and songwriter, and winner of NPR Music’s 2016 Tiny Desk Contest. Gaelynn Lea bewitches audiences with her songcraft and artful electronics.




THAT THIRD THING | Speedwell Projects
Speedwell Projects | October 21, 2017 through November 25, 2017

featuring works by Meg Brown Payson, Penelope Jones, Jessica Gandolf, Andrea Sulzer, Honour Mack, Michael Sarin, Grace DeGennaro, RJ Miller, Munira Naqui, Cynthia Davis, Titus Abbott, and Bridget Spaeth



Art Opening, Exhibition

The Ivory Mirror: The Art of Mortality in Renaissance Europe
Bowdoin College Museum of Art | June 24, 2017 through November 26, 2017

This exhibition represents a significant contribution to our understanding of the rich visual culture of mortality in Renaissance Europe. The appeal of the “memento mori,” featuring macabre imagery urging us to “remember death,” reached the apex of its popularity around 1500, when artists treated the theme in innovative and compelling ways. Exquisite artworks—from ivory prayer beads to gem-encrusted jewelry—evoke life’s preciousness and the tension between pleasure and responsibility, then and now.



Community Event, Film Screening

Welcome to Leith
SPACE Gallery | November 28, 2017 through November 28, 2017

Chronicles the attempted takeover of a small town in North Dakota by notorious white supremacist Craig Cobb. An unsettling exploration of what happens to democratic principles when they’re pushed to the limit.



Community Event, Discussion/Talk, Literary Event, Reading

Nate Marshall
SPACE Gallery | November 29, 2017 through November 29, 2017

A celebration of words with the prolific poet, MC, and educator from the South Side of Chicago.




Visiting Artist Lecture: Stephanie Cardon
Maine College of Art | November 30, 2017 through November 30, 2017

Cardon’s work and research focuses on how one’s perception and experience of space and distance can be altered through patterns and interference.



Grants/Funding Opportunities

The Ellis-Beauregard Foundation Fellowship in the Visual Arts
Ellis-Beauregard Foundation | October 12, 2017 through December 1, 2017

The Ellis-Beauregard Foundation is offering a $25,000. direct unrestricted fellowship to a Maine artist working in the visual arts in recognition of exceptional original work which adds to Maine’s renowned cultural lexicon. In addition the awardee will be granted a solo exhibition at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art in Rockland, Maine. They will be also be invited to present one public lecture.



Call for Art/Entries

Waterville Creates! Public Art: Call for Proposals
Waterville Creates! | October 9, 2017 through December 1, 2017

The Waterville Creates! Public Art Task Group invites artists to submit proposals for a temporary public art installation from May 1 through September 30 of 2018. A minimum of two artists (or groups of artists) will be selected to provide works of art for exterior display, installation, and/or performance in the City of Waterville, Maine.




Nostalgisms, curated by Nick Benfey
Able Baker Contemporary | October 13, 2017 through December 2, 2017

Nick Benfey 
Leon Benn 
Todd Bienvenu 
John Bisbee 
Katherine Bradford 
Dan Dowd 
Albert E. Gray 
JJ Manford 
Paul Metrinko 
Alan Prazniak 
Tyson Reeder 
Emilie Stark-Menneg 
Paige Turner-Uribe 



Art Opening

Confabulations of Millennia
Maine College of Art, ICA | October 6, 2017 through December 8, 2017

Confabulations of Millennia brings together the works of 19 contemporary artists.




America Now, A Dialogue…
The Holocaust and Human Rights Center of Maine, Michael Klahr Center | October 20, 2017 through December 20, 2017

‘America Now: A Dialogue…’ features work by Judith Allen-Efstathiou, Joanne Arnold, Brendan Bullock, Nancy Davison, Kenneth Eason, Nick Gervin, Judy Glickman-Lauder, Derek Jackson, Alan Magee, George Mason, Natasha Mayers, Ed McCartan, Leonard Meiselman, Jack Montgomery, Hans Nielsen, Mathew O’Donnell, Claire Seidl, Abigail Shahn, Robert Shetterly, Gail Skudera, Susan Smith, Roland Salazar Rose, Dave Wade, Mary Becker Weiss, Deanna M. Witman, and Edward Zelinsky.




Revetment – Gallery 49 at Oxbow Blending & Bottling
Oxbow Blending & Bottling | November 9, 2017 through December 30, 2017

The Art Wall atGallery 49 at Oxbow Blending & Bottling in Portland now features art by Mark Price, a graphic artist who uses the serigraphy printing process to produce 2-D and 3-D visual works. The exhibit will run from November 9th until December 30th. Gallery 49 is located at Oxbow Blending & Bottling at 49 Washington Avenue in Portland, Maine.



Community Event, Exhibition

Invisible City
space gallery | August 9, 2017 through December 31, 2017

Damien Gilley’s wall drawings expand upon his investigation of architecture as a perceptual event. Translating a sketch to a human-scale experience, Gilley creates a peculiar balance of indeterminacy and tension.




Rising | perimeter gallery
Perimeter Gallery at Chase’s Daily | October 12, 2017 through December 31, 2017

Perimeter Gallery is pleased to present RISING, an installation of woven sculptural work, suspended and mounted throughout our space, by Maine artist Sarah Hewitt.



Community Event, Exhibition

Liz Miller – Mendacious Veracity
SPACE Gallery | November 1, 2017 through January 1, 2018

Mendacious Veracity incorporates draped textile forms – beautiful, absurd, poetic and, at times, menacing – interspersed at various levels throughout the gallery. From the 2011 Joan Mitchell Foundation grannee.



Community Event, Exhibition

Alyssa Freitas – Here/Now
SPACE Gallery | November 1, 2017 through January 6, 2018

Freitas, a Portland-based artist, presents dreamy landscapes and euphoric closeness to combat social media fatigue, Here/Now is an ASMR-inspired video series that focuses on how one can find comfort through synthetic mediation.



Community Event, Exhibition

Nick Carter – The Same River
SPACE Gallery | November 1, 2017 through January 6, 2018

Nick Carter layers flag-like artworks in the window, using the changing sunlight to accentuate the cut and dyed fabric. Inspired by the experience of walking alongside fences and the staccato glimpses of the property they protect, The Same River creates a fluctuating phenomenolgical experience.




DISPLAY CASE: new works by Jimmy Viera
BUOY | November 10, 2017 through January 20, 2018

BUOY is proud to present DISPLAY CASE: New Works by Jimmy Viera. This exhibition presents new works by the Portland-based painter. We are excited. Jimmy constructs pleasure, building compositions in pictorial realms that roll between flat and perceived infinity. Jimmy is a mark collector. Within these shifting pictorial dimensions his gestural marks are frozen, they are both structure and ornament.



Studios, Tour, Workshop/Class

Rona Pondick and Robert Feintuch: Heads, Hands, Feet; Sleeping, Holding, Dreaming, Dying
Bates College Museum of Art, Olin Arts Center | October 27, 2017 through March 23, 2018

A couple since the mid-1970s, when they met in school, sculptor Rona Pondick and painter Robert Feintuch share interests in making work that uses the body to pursue psychologically suggestive meanings. Each uses their self, though neither makes traditional self-portraits. This remarkable exhibition, the first to present a substantial body of each of their work together, includes nine sculptures and a series of prints by Pondick and twelve paintings by Feintuch.



Call for Art/Entries

CMCA Biennial Exhibition: call for art
Center for Maine Contemporary Art | January 1, 2018 through April 2, 2018