Listen! Do You See That? Episode 2: Because of Ruski’s

New York Construction Workers Lunching on a Crossbeam September 29, 1932: Construction workers eat their lunches atop a steel beam 800 feet above ground, at the building site of the RCA Building in Rockefeller Center. --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

In Episode 2 of Listen! Do You See That?npilar interview Ruski’s Tavern owner Monica about the art on the walls of their favorite neighborhood bar. They discuss holograms, autographs, a toe calendar, and Bob Saget. This episode also features surprise and unexpected guest Bill Harrison, a Ruski’s regular who is also a long time artist recently profiled in The Bollard. He was a delight.

This episode also features a catch-phrase from The Chart reader Molly Steele, who offered “Oh yeah? Well watch this!” via Facebook to npilar for this show. (And a shout-out to runner-up Julia Whyel for “That’s a good burrito”.) Hi Molly and Julia!


npilar, a project by Pilar Nadal and Anne Buckwalter, usually exists as an analog bi-weekly podcast recorded onto cassette tape, never aired or made public. But now, Listen! Do You See That? exists for real exclusively at The Chart. For 30 minutes at a time, npilar will be looking at art in public places — usually — like restaurants, coffee shops, and bars in an attempt to discover how the art got there, who made it, and why you’ll be gazing at it over tater tots or beer (or using the bathroom).



npilar is an analog radio program co-hosted by artists Anne Buckwalter and Pilar Nadal. Each episode is recorded live on cassette tape each Sunday, sometimes in Pilar's kitchen. The half-hour long show is a platform for discussion on a wide variety of topics, including but not limited to: contemporary art, literature, films, holidays, underwear, celebrities, sex, monsters, food, and outer space.

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